Tips to Save Money 3D LED TV

Tips to Save Money 3D LED TV

Recently I got several queries on 3D LED TV, which technology is better, Samsung vs LG vs Sony; what is the ideal screen size etc. But before going into those discussions, I decided to take a step back and analyze whether it is worth buying a 3D LED TV.

Tips to Save Money 3D LED TVIn India, there is no 3D telecast, so you need to resort to DVDs. Even in other countries such as US, 3D transmission has met with limited success. Only saving grace are 3D films such as Avatar which has grossed several billions in box office and remains a popular 3D DVD. You also have the option of playing some of the 3D games and I guess this segment is going to get better and popular with time.

So you need to buy the 3D DVD and watch from an optimal distance to appreciate the technology. And watching long hours is a strict NO NO. It will strain your eyes really bad and eventually this leads to very limited use of the 3D functionality. So the question you want to ask yourself. Will this be your case too and if so, is it worth purchasing at a premium to the regular LED TV ? May be not.

However if you are convinced you want to purchase one, see this video below to get some idea on how to choose a good one.

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