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Movie Review Kung Fu Panda

Movie Review Kung Fu PandaKung Fu Panda is an animation martial arts comedy movie. This is a must watch for kids of all ages. I am sure many grown-ups will also like this movie. Animation movies market share is pretty big as people all over the world enjoy these movies.

Po is a panda living in valley of peace, wants to learn martial arts, idolizes furious five, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane, and approaches Master Shifu, their teacher to learn Martial arts. Oogway, Shifu’s mentor chooses Po as dragon warrior, who will defeat Tai Lung and free people in valley of peace from his terror. Master Shifu, does not believe this can happen, but Oogway consoles him by saying that if he believes anything is possible. Master Shifu starts grueling martial arts training for Po, after lots of misses and failures Po learns some martial arts. Master Shifu gives him the dragon scroll which is supposed to have a secret knowledge which gives anyone unmatched power. Po fights with Tai Lung at the end. Tai Lung feels offended that he has to fight rooky Panda. However, Po, is no match to Tai Lung and Tai Lung is defeated at the end.

Kung Fu Panda, is a very highly rated, well liked movie as it is fast paced, never boring with many genuinely constant funny moments, high kung fu action content and delivers a message very aptly to its audience. The animation is dazzling with amazing detailed look created for each character. Its lead character “Po” is a cute slacker who dreams of becoming a martial art great. Also, due to some circumstances he is declared savior for happy valley.  This character and circumstances connects with most audience instantly.

Kung Fu Panda is high in entertainment Value as it has fast paced and gripping story, many funny moments, good action and voice over by many eminent Hollywood actors such as Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Joli, Ian McShane, David Cross, Jackie Chan and Seth Rogen. It also boasts of excellent graphics, cute likable characters, natural vivid colorful frames.

Kung Fu Panda was accepted as instant classic in animated movies due to its high entertainment value and crisp and effective message it delivers. It is a must watch as it delivers a very apt message “Believe in yourself”. This message is repeated several times in this movie and is revealed slowly and dramatically as the story unfolds. The movie shows that there is no secret ingredient it is one’s belief that makes him or her achieve the impossible. This is a very powerful and inspiring message and we can keep watching this movie just to remind ourselves of this secret.

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