Book Review: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini


download (1) Brisngr Christopher Paolini, the third book of the “Inheritence Cycle“, starts from end of book two -Eldest. Eragon, to fulfill his oath of helping Roran in rescuing Katrina from the clutches of the Ra’zac , journeys to Helgrind. There he kills the slayer of his uncles and rescues Katrina.Eragon then takes up the mission of being the representative of the leader of Varden,Nausada, to be present and to influence the selection of the King of the dwarves. It is after completing that mission he travels to Ellesmera to know the secret of the power of Galbatorix from his teacher, Oromis. Eragon then joins the Varden for the siege of Feinstar.

In this book the most prominent feature is the maturity of Eragon. Here he has changed to the rider he has been destined to be from the first book. The relationship between Arya and Eragon also comes to a very interesting corner. It is in this book that seeds of the last book are sown. In a nutshell this book shows Eragon and all the charecters in a whole new light.

As an ardent fan of fantasy novels I was intrigued by the keen eye of Paolini on the details.None has gone amiss and I admire him for this. I have read  and cherished Eragon and Eldest and I must say that Brisngr is another winner from Christopher Paolini. This book is a must read for those who are keen on reading the last book “Inheritence”.

SmartBuy Rating: 4.5/5
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