Book Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire

Book review: Catching FireAfter a superb first edition of the book – The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins came up with a fitting sequel – Catching Fire. Released in 2009, it continues the best-seller tradition and attracts even more readers. The New York Times praised the author wholeheartedly with, “Collins has done that rare thing. She has written a sequel that improves upon the first book.” The New York Times is absolutely correct as sequels are often seen to bring down the glory of first edition; but we see Suzanne Collins reversing this trend with Catching Fire. There are two factors which compel the readers of The Hunger Games to barge in the stores for Catching Fire: firstly, The Hunger Games ends in suspense, making the reader want the next book immediately. Secondly, Collins’s has an exceptionally youthful writing style, and this promise readers of good quality in all the sequels.

In this book, the storyline continues with the after lives of 74th Hunger Games winners Peeta and Katniss. Although it goes contrary to what the readers might have expected, instead of all patrons finding their way to peace, a more depressing and heart stabbing turn of events take place. Hints of rebellion shown by Peeta and Katniss against the all-controlling Capitol spread throughout the districts like wild fire, as the name of the book suggests. This sequel is full of action and adventure again as a more deadly version of the hunger games is arranged on its 75th anniversary- The Quarter Quells. Each district has to send two of their victors; Peeta and Katniss need to face these district winners in the arena once again.

Taking a step ahead of the predecessor, Catching Fire not only engages in a lot of activity, but also touches the deep seated nerves of the readers. It goes beyond entertainment, bringing in themes of rebellion, fight for rights, love, strategic manipulation, chaos and personal guilt. Readers with burning questions like whether our victors survive again, whether the districts take over the Capitol, shall certainly find their way to quenching with this book in their hands.

SmartBuy Rating **** (4/5)

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