Book Review: Famous Five #09: Five Fall Into Adventure

Five Fall Into Adventure

Genre: Fiction/Children

Julian, Dick and Anne – three cousins of Georgina – came to spend vacation with Georgina- in Kirrin Island. A week later, her parents went to Spain on business. Five days later, Georgina and Timmy go missing from home. On a tip from Josephine,  the three goes to Red’s place up on the cliff.

The mystery then unfolds in typical Famous Five style. Only difference this time around is that they need to solve the puzzle without the help of Georgina and Timmy. Can they do it?

To know more, please get hold of a copy of this Enid Blyton masterpiece.An engrossing tale of adventure crafted by the master storyteller in her inimitable way. A must read for Famous Five and Enid Blyton Fans.

SmartBuy review summary: ****

Ease of reading   : ****
Content quality   : ****
Value for money : *****

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