Book Review: Flute in the Forest – Leela Gour Broome

 Flute in the Forest

Book review: Flute in the ForestFlute in the Forest by Leela Gour Broome is a simple story flowing like a poetry to readers. It captivates readers right from first chapter and introduces its lead character, Atiya, to readers bit by bit in each chapter. Leela’s story telling style is lyrical and she introduces the characters as story moves lazily picking up the tempo around the climax. The climax is amazing bringing spiritual connect between the lead characters of the story. Atiya lives with her dad, a forest officer, passionate about saving forest from poachers. Atiya is afflicted by polio and is teased by hear classmates for her slowness. She often finds solace in peaceful jungle away from teasing classmates. During one of her secret jungle treks she hears beautiful sound of flute and decides to learn playing it.

She finds out that the flute player is none other than a old grouchy man whom she hates. She overcomes her dislike for this man in order to learn the instrument. She learns how to tame the anger in this old man and a rouge elephant and develops a strange connect with them. Atiya pays a marvelous last tribute to her teacher by playing a beautiful yet difficult composition by her teacher – “The Happy Spirit”. Leela ends this story with one of the wonderful climax where readers would like to dance to the tune of Happy Spirit. This story also tries to tell us that if we listen to our heart we will get the answers we are seeking. Smartbuy rating of Flute in the Forest is given bellow.

Smart buy Rating **** (4/5)

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