Book Review: Heroes Of Olympus:The Son Of Neptune by Rick Riordan

The SoThe Son Of Neptunen of Neptune is the second book of the series of The Heroes of Olympus.  It starts from the perspective of the hero of the first series Percy Jackson(son of  Poseidon/Neptune). He is suffering from dementia and comes to Camp Jupiter( the Roman  camp for demigods). Here he befriends Hazel, the daughter of Pluto and with a dark  secret and Frank, the son Mars, who also has mysterious powers. Together they embark on a  journey to find and defeat Alcyoneus in Alaska and also to defeat Polybotes from running  over Camp Jupiter and hence foiling the resurrection of Gaea. What follows is a gripping narrative culminating into a cliffhanger.

The main aspect of this book is that all the characters embark on a steady journey to become the hero they are destined to be. Another thing that catches the eye is the authors keen eye on the details. Nothing is amiss. Moreover the best thing is the blend of mythology with the modern world. The author shows paints such a natural picture where the blend appears very real.

I have read all the books by Riordan and find Percy’s first person narration missing  and his sarcasm has toned down in this book. In spite of these, I recommend this book  to all Percy fans.

SmartBuy Rating : 4/5

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