Book Review: Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes by Louis Sachar

Book review: Holes by Louis SacharHoles by Louis Sachar is a wonderful story of Stanley Yelnats, a poor boy who never had anything but bad luck. Louis Sachar has written this story in a very humorous way. Although underlying story conveys immense sadness of Stanley Yelnats and his family brought upon them by generations of bad luck. Yelnats are under a curse that began with Stanley’s no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has since followed generations of Yelnats.

Stanley Yelnats is falsely accused of theft. He was sent to a life of extreme hardship in juvenile detention center of Camp Green Lake. Lake has been dried for years and all the kids sentenced to Camp are made to dig holes in camp green lake to build their character. However, the warden of camp green lake is using this cover to find a treasure buried in camp green lake which she and her family is seeking for generations. Stanley makes some good friends and learns most important lesson in friendship to never abandon a friend.

Holes by Louis Sachar packs 3 stories in one and mixes these stories well through flashbacks and connects them well. Louis Sachar has a remarkable writing style and the way he connects the 3 stories tells a lot about success of his style. Louis uses a fluid style with short sentences making it very easy for reader to read through the book very fast. Yet he gives reader with enough time to contemplate and think about about the situations characters are going through. Louis delivers a very dark and harsh story of Yelnats family in a very humorous and satirical tone. This keep a reader glued to this story and keeps yearning for more of this adventurous and funny tale. Louis Sachar won 1999 Newbury Medal for most distinguished contribution to American Literature for Children. Smartbuy rating for Holes by Louis Sachar is given bellow:

Smartbuy Rating **** (4/5)

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