Book Review:The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

The Immortals of Meluha

Book review: The Immortals of MeluhaThe Immortals of Meluha is an excellent attempt to retell story of Lord Shiva. This story depicts Lord Shiva as a human with extraordinary courage and sense of doing good for others, sense of standing up for justice against great odds. This story retells legend of lord Shiva showing how ordinary human morals and capabilities can elevate a mortal to extraordinary heights which the entire nation admires and starts worshipping like god.

Shiva, Lord of the Lords according to Indian Mythology, is depicted as living a barbarian life near Lake Mansarovar. Shiva and his clan controls the area near the lake and keeps fighting with other clans in that area to maintain control. Shiva does not like this continuous fighting and hence takes offer of Meluhan king to migrate with his clan to Meluha. On reaching Meluha he finds out that it is his blue throat and legend of Neelkanth which brought him to Meluha. On observing disciplined Shuryavanshi way of life he quickly starts admiring Shuryavanshi systems and is fed on stories of war against evil by last Mahadev, Lord Rudra, and stories of evil Chandravanshis trying to destroy Suryavanshi system in collaboration with Evil Nagas. To know what happens next please get a copy of the novel.

Author, Amish Tripathi, takes cues from history and mythology and creates magical world of Meluha, gives credible makeover to many legends, mythological events in this story created by him. He has been able to bring in many important mythological events and stories in this book. His writing style is nice smooth narrative, creating multiple emotions of love, hate, rage, anger and care. The Immortals of Meluha is first part of Shiva Triology being written by Author and we believe this is a great beginning of the trilogy.

SmartBuy Rating **** (4/5)

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