Book Review: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

Book review: Inheritance by Christopher PaoliniInheritance by Christopher Paolini: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini is the last book of the mesmerizing Inheritance  Cycle. It starts where the last book – Brisngr ended –  through the seize of Belatona. In this book the Varden(the group opposing Galbatorix) face problems especially during their seize of Dras-Leona. Eragon who as a mere farm boy embarked on a journey to become a rider, fully transforms into a  Dragon Rider we all had been waiting for. If Eragon was just a fighter for the cause of the Varden in the previous books, here he matches the expectation to become a beacon of hope for the people against the Empire. If Eragon has transformed to his destined role, his relatives are not very far behind. Roran shows his mettle and is instrumental in Varden’s all the operations. We see Galbatorix for the first time in this book. Even Murtagh comes of as a new person.

The main feature of Inheritance by Christopher Paolini is that all the characters we have  known from the previous books are painted in a different hues. Here we can truly see the magic of Paolini in that although for a brief period, the Emperor catches our fancy – and we become sympathetic to Galbatorix.

I can say that Inheritance by Christopher Paolini meets and in many occasions exceeds our expectation as the last book of the Inheritance Cycle.It is a fitting finale to the series of exploits of one of the greatest character Paolini has created. Eragon will surely be missed.

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