Book Review : The Quest of the Sparrows by Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma

The Quest of the Sparrows

Book review: The Quest of the SparrowsAs per the authors, “The Quest of the Sparrows” is a story about Partibhan.

An ordinary young man takes a leap of faith to set off on a testing journey. The path-breaking trail resets mindsets to change dramatically what people can accomplish in their lifetimes!

Evolving from his common man roots, Partibhan starts spreading his wisdom and point of view to become known as Guru Partibhan. He advises everyone to live like a sparrow – live in the present, content with what they have and not to over emphasize on the future. He believes in practicing what he preaches.  Driven by this belief, he decides to go on a journey on foot and without any money. He asks his followers to join him in this journey so that they can shed their anxieties for the future.

During this journey, Partibhan and his followers go through difficulties and unexpected situations. So what happens in this journey? How does Guru Partibhan prove himself to be a great leader? How is he able to transform ordinary people into evolved human being? What happens to Partibhan eventually? To know all this and more, read this very interesting novel.

The description of the journey is a very entertaining read – it has quite a few unexpected turn of events. Sharmas have an easy to read and unique writing style which keeps the reader engrossed in the chapters. However, the continuity across some of the chapters could have been better. Moreover, the roles of some characters in the story are not clear.

Overall The Quest of the Sparrows is a good story, especially the idea of living a simple, carefree life like a sparrow is thought provoking.

Read, evolve and achieve your true potential. Experience joy!” the authors claim. For most part we agree.

SmartBuy Rating: 3.5/5

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Note: This is an author requested review. We were contacted by the author to review this book.

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