Book Review: BACK SEAT by Aditya Kripalani: A Mumbai Tale

BACK SEAT by Aditya Kripalani

Book review: BACK SEAT by Aditya KripalaniBACK SEAT by Aditya Kripalani: BACK SEAT by Aditya Kripalani is a story of out of work Bar dancer, who is trying to save money to realize her dreams. It starts with two individuals Nikita and Vijay, who were forced to come to Mumbai by circumstances and slowly they start loving this ‘sweet mess’. When they meet they did not like each other initially but slowly they fell in love and risked their livelihoods to be with each other. Nikita took a hasty decision due to the trauma of a past incident which jeopardised their dreams. However, what transpired eventually is very different and unpredictable,which probably is the high point of BACK SEAT by Aditya Kripalani.

This book gives a good account of Mumbai and its nightlife. It talks about places people like to visit in Mumbai and why – book Marine Drive, Promenade and Queen’s Necklace. It also depicts the apathy and ruthlessness that marks Mumbai and points to the dark side of the city. It captures lives of film producers, how they end up with their muses and how such life is accepted by them naturally. Surprisingly people take these behaviors very naturally in Mumbai, which could have easily been a big gossip topic in any other city in India. It shows how next gen in underworld is developing friendship with rich kids to find  potential customers for drugs and other stuff they deal in. It also shows how quickly mumbaiytes get over their guilt and move on with their normal lives, burying all guilt of their past behavior and the harm those may have inflicted on others.

BACK SEAT is a frank and honest story weaved around Mumbai. It is accurate, contemporary and somewhat artistic. The books is slow paced and there are unnecessary details and descriptions building the story. The book uses lots of expletives which often appear out of place in the social context described. However,what stands out are accurate and detailed account of the City of Mumbai,a remarkable climax and a pragmatic ending.

SmartBuy Rating: 3/5

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Note: This is an author requested review. We were contacted by the author to review this book.

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