Book Review : The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol

Book review: The Lost SymbolThe Lost Symbol is another amazing story from master storyteller Dan Brown. The narrative is fast paced with the right blend of history and mythology so typical of Dan Brown. Dan never brings too much historic details in his story but always gives you bit more than what is generally available which make him diffrent.

Like “The Da Vinci Code”, the story of “The Lost Symbol” again revolves around “Robert Langdon” -the fictional Harvard Professor of Symbology. Dan Brown has weaved right amount of mystery and historic details with popular myths about Freemasons in this story in backdrop of modern day Washington DC.

Robert Langdon is invited to host a seminar on symbology in Smithsonian Museum by Peter Solomon, head of Smithsonian. However, upon reaching Smithsonian, the events turn to a wild chase where CIA is behind Robert and he is forced to chase ancient mysteries in order to save his friend Peter Solomon. He is supported by Katherine Solomon, Peter’s sister and professor of Noetic Science in his effort to save Peter.

Mal’akh, The Lost Symbol’s main antagonist, is a mysterious character and has his whole body covered with tattos. He creates a master plan and it turns out that every other character in The Lost Symbol is playing their role as planned by Mal’akh. To know more, please get hold of a copy of the book.

Dan Brown describes architectures very nicely in his books and builds such stories around them that readers want to visit those places. I have heard there are “The Da Vinci Code” Tours in Europe. Although, I have visited Smithsonian in past after reading the book I want to visit it again and check out the details mentioned in “The Lost Symbol”.

I have loved Dan’s books –  “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” and I must say that “The Lost Symbol” is surely another winner from Dan Brown.

SmartBuy Review Rating ****

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