Book Review: TWO FATES – The Story of My Divorce – Judy Balan

Two Fates Judy Balan

download (1)In TWO FATES Judy Balan tells us the story about a Tamil girl Deepika and a Punjabi boy Rishab. Accidentally they fell in love and wanted to marry each other. Their families were not ready for this inter -state marriage but finally accepted the relationship. Two years down the line, things started falling apart between Deepika and Rishab. Another year and a half passed by and they finally made up mind for a divorce. Ironically, by now both the families bonded very well and started staying together like one big, happy community. Hence, having them agree to the divorce was far more difficult than convincing them earlier for their marriage . Will they finally able to get divorce? How did they manage their families ? Or is there a twist to the tale? To find answers to these and learn more, you need to read beyond the review of TWO FATES.

TWO FATES is Judy Balan’s first attempt  at writing books. She possesses a unique  writing skill, dabbed with a sense of humor and sarcasm, which makes you sail through an otherwise ordinary storyline. However the  first few pages and chapters are very important to engage the reader. Judy did not make an attempt on that count. First half  of the book was bit monotonous, revolving only around the fact that the couple wanted divorce. The second half saw a flurry of incidents mostly very predictable.

Summary of Review – TWO FATES is funny and simple, at times entertaining and a light read. Through this first book Judy hopes to become famous, sell movie rights and fight with Aamir Khan. Lets see how that goes! Smart buy rating of Two Fates Judy Balan is given bellow:

SmartBuy rating: 2.5/5

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