Book Review: The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai

 The Village by the Sea

Book review: The Village by the SeaThe Village by the Sea written by Anita Desai, is a novel for children and teenagers. Published in 1982, in London, This book associates itself with the sentiments and emotions of a poor rural family in India. Anita Desai won the annual Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime book award judged by panel of British children’s writers.

The story of buy The Village by the Sea is mainly about an extremely poor family in the sea-side village of Thul, 14 kilometers from Bombay. They are different from a typical family where children are taken care of by their parents. With their father drinking all night and sleeping all day and their mother weak with anemia, the four have to struggle with all their nerves to keep them going. Lila and Hari are the elder two, 13 and 12 of age respectively, while Bela and Kamal are the younger two sisters. The latter go to school but the former ones cannot, for they have to work and carry their responsibilities. The main curiosity develops when Hari goes to Bombay to seek his fortune there, amidst the fast pacing city people.

The writing style of Desai is extra-ordinarily beautiful. Although the story is short, she has filled each line with deep meaning. Her clarity of description and vivid imagery engross the reader completely in the book- as if they are a live witness of each turn that the story takes. The sense of aesthetics stands out while the author describes the beauty of the sea, sand, trees, birds and animals in the small village of Thul. The simple and humble living means of the people attract the deepest of all emotions. The range of sentiments is so wide that the reader is able to connect to every aspect, every incident described, with some or the other faced of his own life.

The series of incidents that take place when Hari is off to Bombay is the most accelerated and most varied part of the whole story. It would be a pleasant journey to discover how a village boy manages to survive and earn in the city, how the stars change for the ill-fortuned family. The book is not only to be read and cherished but also to be drawn inspiration from. Smartbuy rating of The Village by the Sea is given bellow.

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