Book Review: Zero Percentile – Missed IIT Kissed Russia by Neeraj Chhibba

Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia  Zero Percentile is a story about a brilliant young Punjabi boy Pankaj. He always wanted to join IIT to fulfill his father’s dream. School life with friends Motu and Priya was eventful. All of them were very good at their studies and other extra curricular activities.  Years passed by and all of them were busy to achieve their respective goals. Pankaj was also well prepared for IIT examination which he was never able to appear. Life took him  to a place he had never heard of before, Volgograd –  a Russian “City of  Heroes”, where he started second phase of his life with new friends, challenges and experiences.

So what happened before his IIT examination? Was he able to express his love to Priya? What happened to his friendship with motu? To know all this thing you must this interesting and inspirational book.

Neeraj Chhibba has an easy to read and unique writing style which keeps the reader engrossed across the chapters. Though at times readers may get bit restless with finer details of Russia and life therein,all in all it is an engaging story with a happy ending. A light read; good effort from someone on his first significant literary effort.

SmartBuy Rating : 3/5

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