Classic: Book – Love In The Time Of Cholera

Love In The Time Of Cholera

download (2) Love In The Time Of Cholera
is written by Nobel Prize winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez . First published in Spanish language (1985)it was transalted in English in 1988. An English-language movie adaptation was released during 2007.

The protagonist  Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza fell in love during their youth but their story did not go further thwarted by her father. Eventually Fermina weds Juvenal Urbino at the age of 21 ; he seemed to offer her security and love. Urbino is a medical doctor devoted to science, modernity, and “order and progress.” He is committed to the eradication of cholera and to the promotion of public works, a rational man whose life is organized precisely and who values his importance and reputation in society to the utmost.

Urbino proves in the end turns out to be not entirely faithful , he confessed one affair to Fermina many years into their marriage. By the end of the book, Fermina began to realize Ariza’s wisdom and maturity and their love is allowed to blossom during their old age.

Probably Garcia Marquez’s best novel,  Love In The Time Of Cholera is a must-read for Marquez fans  and hopeless romantics alike.

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