Book Review: Crucial Conversations -Tools for Talking when Stakes are High

Crucial Conversations

crucial-conversations-tools-for-talking-when-stakes-are-high-400x400-imae6jejgpm9zkbqVery often most of us are in difficult conversations which, given a choice, we would like to avoid. The author calls such conversations as crucial conversations and suggests that if these conversations are handled well, we can emerge winner in most difficult of situations.

The authors, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Al Switzler, Ron McMillan and David Maxfield, have done very deep research to validate their findings and then created a very well written book. Authors very aptly describes “Crucial Conversations” as conversations when there is strongly opposing views are involved, stakes are high and emotions are strong. When we are caught in such conversations most of the time we either do not speak up our mind or what we really want, or we steamroll others just conveying what we want and not listening to the other side, on very few occasions we meekly speak our mind but retreat on first sign of opposition.This is why we most often do not handle these conversations well. This book gives readers a well defined set of tools and techniques to handle these conversations well and become expert at handling such situations.

This book breaks a well established myths that in a difficult conversation you either win or loose.
It is a Fool’s choice to get stuck in either/or thinking. most often when we are in a crucial conversation we feel that if we give our position or listen to other party we will be looked upon as looser, this is a fool’s choice. Giving many examples authors show how we need to come out of this mindset to create a free flow of meaning. If we can bring ourselves out of this mindset we can work on getting to a solution which is acceptable to both parties.

This book presents a very well researched set of tools and techniques to overcome your emotions and master handling such conversations.Some of the many techniques mentioned are:
1) Stay focused on what you really want
2) Learn to understand when other party is feeling that their agenda is under risk

I liked this book because of the detailed examples of many difficult situations and advices on how to act in such situations. Crucial conversations goes beyond the concept, explaining very well how to use these concepts and how to keep revising them in face of failures. Crucial conversations is a must read for all who would want to handle tough situations better, especially for corporates, businessmen and senior leaders.

SmartBuy Rating 4/5

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