Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What do you review?

SmartBuy reviews books, music, movies, mobiles, computers, laptops, games and online stores.

How can I interpret a review?

Review ratings can be one of the following.
1 star – better to avoid
2 star- OK to read once
3 star- Good
4 star- really Good
5 star- Excellent

SmartBuyBlog publishes articles under following categories

1) Featured – Strongly Recommended – Review ratings 4.5 or higher
2) Recommended – Review Ratings 3.5 or higher
3) BestSellers – Quarterly/Yearly Best Seller. Most Selling Books as published by New York Times or a similar agency.
4) New Arrivals Рitems published/launched  in current month.
5) Classic – Highly Recommended (see definition)

Why do I not see any review rated less than 3 star?

We do not publish reviews of items which do not at least get 3 star, hence.

Who do you source reviews from?

We source our reviews from a select panel of reviewers. Our panel of reviewers consists of editors, authors, industry experts and senior management professionals. We do not publish reviews from authors not empaneled with SmartBuy.

Can I write review for SmartBuy?

Yes,you need to get empaneled by submitting two of your recent reviews to¬†[email protected]. Our editorial team will evaluate your review and will get back with next steps.

What do you mean by recommendations?

We source unbiased reviews from our panel of reviewers and any reviewed article if received a rating of 3.5 or higher we recommend the article and feature such article in our recommended list.

What is the difference between reviewed and recommended?

Any item reviewed which receives a rating of 3.5 or higher is marked as recommended.

How do I search the blog?

To search please use the search box at the top of the page.You can also check the popular searches section to find the keyword you want to search with, towards the right side of the main page.