Flipkart Delivery Charge

Flipkart Delivery Charge

Flipkart Delivery Charge Flipkart Delivery Charges was revised again sometime back! Now it stands at 40/- for all orders less than 500/- and free of charge for orders beyond 500/-. Earlier(Around Mar 2013) it was revised to 50/- for orders less than 500/- and free of charge beyond 500/-.

Flipkart.com earlier(around 21st July 2012) revised minimum order amount for free delivery to 300/-. This used to be 200/- and before that 100/-.

Flipkart Delivery charge is not same for all sellers, it varies. Seller charges higher shipping costs for low value item. For example seller may charge Rs. 40 for shipping each low value item. But if the product cost is Rs 500 or more then there will typically be no delivery charges. However there are some items which will have delivery charges irrespective of the product cost.

For all orders less than 500/-, you will have to pay 40/- as delivery charges. So when you order next time on Flipkart.com, please make sure that your order value is at least 500/- even it means combining two or more orders ; else be prepared to pay 40/- as Flipkart Delivery Charge.

Please note that to avoid delivery charges you need to make sure that the total cost of products purchased without any delivery charge exceeds 500/-.What this means is that if you purchase two items of 240 each, you still will pay 40/- Flipkart Delivery Charge on each item so the total outgo for the order with be 560/-. To avoid this, add another item worth 20 or more to the order and then check for delivery charges when you are in the cart page. And I repeat while this saves you from delivery charges in most cases, there may be instances where you are charged for delivery even your order value is more than 500/-. This happens mostly when the seller decides to charge you for delivery for a particular item irrespective of the product price.

More details available on flipkart.com website.

This article was last updated on 13th Mar 2016..

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