Games News: Featured Five in April | Kinect Star Wars , Devil May Cry HD Collection and more

Spring Break in Schools and Colleges is a time when gamers free from academic worries flock around their favorite games websites, and Gaming companies have utilized this time well this year to release 5 amazing games.

Kinect Star Wars (Xbox360)
game_poster_kinectstarwars_cf3f6c1dPlaying Star Wars using kinect seems to be perfect idea for Gamers. Kinect is really a great interface where player does not need to hold a remote or external object but kinect senses players motions and uses player movement.
This game is developed by Lucas Arts and Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360.
Players can play a Jedi or one of the new characters, using motion of their hands players can lift and throw objects and wield a lightsaber. Player can use body movement to control X-wing starfighters. Player can use voice commands.

Devil May Cry HD Collection (Xbox360 PS3)

Devil May Cry HD CollectionThe Devil May Cry series is one of Capcom’s great amazing game. This is undoubtedly Capcom’s strongest game. This game brings savvy and smooth moves and extremely fast action. In case you missed out on the older games due to the lack of a PS2, Capcom is now allowing new gamers to experience all of Dante’s adventures in HD with the DMC collection that includes all three last gen DMC games. As with most collections, this one is enhanced by HD visuals as well as Trophy support.
Capcom has remastered the games for High Definition, creating sharper visuals, as well as supporting widescreen resolutions.This is an especially sweet release for Xbox 360 fans, as this would be the first time that the original Devil May Cry trilogy would be available on a Microsoft console.

Prototype 2 (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

Prototype 2 is sequel to Radical Entertainment’s best selling open-world action game Prototype. This game features an ultimate shape-shifting weapon, which help gamers build gigantic arsenal of deadly biological weapons. Sgt. James Heller, the protagonist of this game, is cutting through post viral New York, on a mission to kill Alex aka Mercer.
This game bring to gaming enthusiasts back light virus, theme based on revenge, hammer fists, blade arms, claws and bio-grenades. vehicular combats has been improved with multiple types of destruction, which gives gamers a lot to look forward to.

The Witcher 2 (Xbox360)

The Witcher 2 was a game that only PC gamers have experienced so far. Developer CD Projekt Red is releasing the Xbox 360 version of the Witcher 2. The Witcher 2: Assassins of the Kings will be available on April 17 in Enhanced and Dark edition. The Xbox 360 version comes with multiple extras like game’s OST and extra in-game content.The player is Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer, a witcher. Entangled in the political turmoil that engulfed Temeria. Thanks to the new, ultra-modern REDengine, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings features both beautiful graphics and sophisticated in-game mechanics, drawing players into the most lively and believable world ever created in a video game. A completely immersive visual experience, The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is arguably the best-looking RPG ever to come to consoles.

Trials Evolution (Xbox360)

Trials HD is one of the most celebrated (and most difficult) Xbox Live Arcade games, and on April 18 we will be blessed with an amazing sequel. Trials Evolution is technically a racing game but one look at its trailer and it seems like anything but. This has curving drive lines and spectacular scenery. This game provides you multi-player game and build your tracks with built in editor feature. This game is survival of the fastest. The game carries on with the same game play elements as its predecessor wherein players navigate two dimensional areas with their dirt bikes and watch in glee as their riders ragdoll all over the place.

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