Tips to Save Money on Fuel – Here is how

Tips to Save Money on Fuel

Tips to Save Money on Fuel Confused about your ever increasing fuel bill? Wished that you could save money on fuel? Let me share with you few practical advices which will help you save on your monthly fuel bill. Trust me, these worked for me and I continue to save each month! 1. Before Fueling – This is a big one and can influence your fuel bill in a big way. You may need to do some basic arithmetic but it is well worth the savings. Firstly, fix the fueling station or stations. Do not and let me reiterate, do not fill fuel from anywhere and everywhere especially if most of your travel is within one particular city. Shortlist 3-4 petrol pumps around your house and also along your main commute routes. Buy fuel from these only and keep a check on the mileage from each.Try as far as possible to fill in same amount of fuel so that it is easy to compare. If you see unusual variation in mileage, switch to another pump. 2. At the fueling station – Ensure that you switch of engine before you start fueling. More importantly,switch off your mobile and if you have co-passengers do NOT get distracted by a conversation therein. Check for zero before the attendant starts filling, insist that he leaves the nozzle into your tank and not try to push it manually. It makes a big difference, trust me. Keep your eyes on the fuel meter of the pump till the tank has been filled. If you are alert, you will make sure that you get what you paid for.And I guess you know that filling full tank gives little better mileage; so do that. 3. After fueling – Insist on bill, this will help you keep track on the expenses. Pay by card, so that you can keep a tab on how much you are spending. Try 4. Tyre pressure – Select only those pumps which also provides Tyre pressure checkup. Else you may not keep checking the tyre pressure on a regular basis. Make sure tyres are properly inflated, as recommended by the car manufacturer. Having the correct pressure help engine to deliver optimal torque with reasonable fuel consumption. Do not inflate beyond recommendation even if you have car full of passengers. 5. Switching off engine – Switch off the engine while you wait on a traffic signal for more than a minute. It may be a bit uncomfortable, if you have all the windows closed, so keep the fan on and air conditioning will last at least for a minute. 6. Windows Closed – Keeping windows closed help engine negotiate less of headwind and is fuel efficient. But if this takes the fun away from driving, do not do it. Do these and I am sure you will start saving right away. In a month, I could cut down my fuel bill by 15%. I am sure you can too. Let me know your experience, leave a reply.

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