Kindle Fire HD Tablet: Most Awaited Tablet, is it worth the wait ?

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Kindle Fire HDKindle Fire HD is the first tablet with dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi for faster downloads and
comfortable online usage. It is a great tablet when it comes to apps, games, books and other entertainment media. Kindle Fire HD is providing users with unlimited cloud storage for their entire Amazon content and empowering users with virtual surround sound with exclusive Dolby Audio and dual-driver stereo speakers. This Tablet is extremely thin, light and portable, what else a user can ask for in INR 15,999. A closer look below will reveal more. Read on.

Design: Kindle Fire HD has great design and outstanding features which just doesn’t make
it attractive but also uniquely different from all the other tablets available in market. It does
not require a set-up which makes it very simple to use. Innovative feature like X-Ray, Whispersync and loads of games makes it an enjoyable experience as you will keep your favorite choices safe wherever you go. It is ultrathin and light which keeps it handy and portable beating other tablets in market. Score of 9 on 10.

Display: Kindle Fire HD display gives it a power to rule the tablet world with 7’’ 10 point
capacitive touch high definition color display, 1280×800 resolution, video playback at 720p, IPS (In-Plane switching) technology, advanced polarizing filter and unlike any other tablet it gives anti-glare technology too. Its size is 193 mm x 137mm x 10.3 mm which makes it handful and portable. Score of 8 on 10.Kindle Fire HD

System Requirements and Wi-Fi Connectivity: Best part which can’t be left out is that this 395 grams tablet does not have any specific requirements and it is ready to use as you purchase it.No setup, no software to install and no computer required to download content. Kindle Fire HD’s outstanding Wi-Fi connectivity with dual-band, dual-antenna which provides enjoyable online experience for users. Playing games, using apps, reading books and all other entertainments are easy on this tablet for both kids and adults; Score of 9 on 10.

Camera and sensors: It has a front-facing HD camera, external volume controls, build-in
microphone, build-in Bluetooth with A2DP compatible stereo headphones and speakers. Kindle Fire HD has ambient light sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, these all additional features make Kindle Fire HD experience worth for the money spend. Score of 9 on 10.

Battery life: Battery life is 11 hours and it mostly depends on the device usage, browsing,
downloading content and settings. Battery can be completely charged in 4 hours and much
faster via Kindle PowerFast charging accessory which is sold separately while through
computers it takes 13.5 hours. Score of 8 on 10.

Verdict: Kindle Fire HD is getting good feedback relying mainly on the
efficiency with which users can play games, browse and use various apps. Speakers are getting out of the box reviews as they are loud and clear and device is slim and sleek. This device seems sturdy and well-build looking at the feedback it has received. Cloud Sync is one of the appreciated feature by most of them as taking content from devices is easier for users. Gaming geeks will love the Kindle fire HD as they will have the best gaming experience. Overall Score of 8 on 10.

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