Movie Review: Rio

 Blu is a young blue Macaw from Brazil illegally smuggled and brought to a small town in USA. He is rescued by a young girl Linda. The two become the best friends and can’t live without each other. One day a Brazilian ornithologist visits Linda and informs her that Blu is the last remaining male of their species. He requests Linda to allow Blu to be taken to Brazil, where female macaw Jewel is waiting. Linda although not enjoys unknown places much, but decides to go to Brazil with Blu for his sake.

Shortly after Blu meets Jewel they are captured by a dreaded animal smuggler to be sold off for a handsome reward.  Blu, with his intelligence and Jewel with her determination form an awesome pair and escape multiple times and are captured again.  Blu has to overcome his fear of flying in order to escape finally from clutches of the smuggler. The birds unite at the end, Linda says good-bye to her beloved Blu and goes back to her hometown.
Director Carlos Saldanha (ICE AGE) creates a wonderful tale, high on emotions. The relationship between Linda and Rio and also the brewing love between Rio and Jewel are endearing. The movie does not have overdose of humour or animal antics and yet, its script is strong enough to hold your attention. The animation is awesome; the colours look great on big/small screen, the mood of annual Brazilian carnival is captured very well in the movie. Blu and Jewel’s escape becomes very interesting in the background of Brazilian carnival. The moment Rio starts flying, there’s a smile on your face cheering him. The carnival climax in Rio de Janeiro is riveting.  

Rio is a fun filled, beautiful and touching movie, full of very nice music and spreads the word about animal / plant conservation. Rio is a wonderful animation movie which both children and grown-ups will enjoy.

SmartBuy Review Rating *****

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