Nokia Lumia 620 – Heck of a phone!

Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620I have been an ardent fan of android phones having used them for three years now; have been very satisfied with the value for money I got. Great features, very big app store and of course integration with all things Google including YouTube! But with introduction of Lumia 820 and also 920 my preference changed. I yearned for a 820 but found it bit to expensive for my liking and 920 even more. And then came Nokia Lumia 620 and it blew me off my feat! Windows 8 OS, 5 MP camera, MS Office and Nokia maps were just what I wanted! Add to that great build, good mechanical design and Good touch interface. I am hooked. If you are ready to bear with the lack of applications including YouTube and bit heavy OS consuming few GB of memory; this is the phone to go for. At around 14.5 K it appears to be a steal! Feel like knowing more Nokia Lumia 620? Click here to research, compare and select. Also check out this review by and to get a feel of the phone. Already using Nokia Lumia 620? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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