Recent Relases: Books : Fame by Tilly Bagshawe, Fear Not by Anne Holt and more

Fame by Tilly BagshaweFame by Tilly Bagshawe Set amidst the backdrop of Hollywood this fiction delves deep into the film industry. You get a chance to re-live the life of Sabrina Leon – a young beauty and the new darling of the film scene – as she tries to get the coveted role in the new movie. A youtube sensation is threatening to destroy her career; can she make it?

Fame is replete with intertwined plots; Tilly Bagshawe does a fantastic job of ensuring that it remains an entertaining read.

Publisher: Harper (2011)
Price: Rs. 250  Rs. 218

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FEAR NOT by Anne HoltFEAR NOT introduces the Johanne Vik series from the reigning queen of Scandinavian crime writing, Anne Holt.

Christmas in Oslo get shattered on the last Sunday of Advent, when a boy’s body washes up the shoreline of the Aker Bridge. The body is bloated beyond recognition. Strangely enough, none reported him missing. Week later, Bishop of Bergen is murdered. Are the two deaths connected in any way?


Publisher: Atlantic Books (2011)
Price: Rs. 299  Rs. 227
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What Did I Ever See In Him? by Amrita SharmaThe tile is modern women’s guide to having a perfect love life. If you are stuck in a relationship and left wondering where all the romance has vanished, read on.

Amrita Sharma had many women confide in her their relationship secrets; from most of these cases she inferred that it is the woman who was to blame: even the most strong- willed and independent ones!

Publisher: Penguin (2011)
Price: Rs. 150  Rs. 105

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