Tech News of the Week : Feb 19 I Assassin’s Creed III releasing by 30th Oct


pc-standard-edition-assassin-s-creed-iii-125x125-imaec4a2t3cznnbrAssassin’s Creed III
will be releasing by the 30th of October 2012 for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC. To know about the other games in this series click here.

Ubisoft announced an arcade racer by the name of Mad Riders for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC.Unfortunately this game is a digital download only which means no box pack at retail.

Gotham City Imposters is out now. It’s a multiplayer only, first person shooter from developer Monolith (F.E.A.R.). The game’s a digital only download, which means there’s no retail release planned yet. Your only option would be to pick it up from Steam (PC), Xbox Live (Xbox360) or the PlayStation Network (PSN) for just $15 (Rs. 737).


Samsung launches three new dual-SIM smartphones Galaxy Ace Duos, the Galaxy Y Duos and the Galaxy Y Pro Duos. You can also order other samsung dual sim mobiles by clicking here.

Samsung has officially unveiled the successor to the Galaxy Tab (7.0) Plus – the Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0). The highlighted feature of this tablet is that it features Google’s latest operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich already installed on it. Apart from this most features remain the same as the Galaxy Tab (7.0) Plus.


HP introduces redesigned HP Envy 15 in India.


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