Tech News of The Week : Mar 25 | Laser powered ‘unprinter’ erases printed text in documents, new iPad on sale in India

Laser powered ‘unprinter’ erases printed text in documents

Engineers at the University of Cambridge, UK have devised a Laser powered ‘unprinter’, which can  wipe a paper that has been printed on and clean without any noticeable degradation in the paper. The method uses a laser-based technique, which erases the text on the pages by vaporizing common toners. The laser-based technology ensures that while the text gets sufficiently erased, to the point that the paper looks new, does not degrade in quality. and is ready-to-be-printed upon again. Read the full story here.

Laser-powered 'unprinter'
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Twitter turns six

On 21st March micro blogging tool – twitter completed six years of existence. When it started in March 2006, no one could have imagined the mass appeal of this new medium of communication. As per recent stats, there are more than 140 million active users doing, on an average, 340 million Tweets a day.

7-inch Nexus tablet to cost as low as $149

A report by Android and Me speculates that the tablet is a done deal and will retail for as low as $149. It is anticipated that Asus would be making this slate and not HTC, who were also in the running.

8-inch Intex Android tablet, i-Tab, launched for Rs.11,900

If you have been long wanting an ICS tablet below 15000, try Intex i-Tab. Zync just launched the first ICS tablet in India priced around Rs.9,000, and now Intex has launched the i-Tab Android tablet at Rs.11,900, Intex also adds in the company’s 3G data card, LAN adaptor, leather cover and a pair of Reebok sunglasses, which come bundled along with the 8-inch tablet.

Nokia Lumia 610 expected in April @ INR 11,000

Nokia’s Lumia budget handset have been featured on their website for a while. Nokia had launched the device at the Mobile World Congress  in February and ever since, it’s been on and off the news radar. Now, there is good news for those of you interested in buying a new budget smartphone. According to grapevine, the Lumia 610 is expected to debut in India in April and cost about Rs. 11,000. is selling new iPad for Rs. 36,799 is selling the new iPad, 16GB, Wi-Fi only in black for Rs.36,799. at 8% discount to price of Rs.39,990.

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