Watch Review Titan Watches For Men Available on COD

Titan is a well known name in watch world. After completing 24-year journey in watch-making, Titan is the 5th largest watch producer in the world and has been voted Most Admired Brand (across categories) and the Most Admired Consumer Durable Brand several times. Titan Watches for Men has several brands and price ranges; the guide below will help you chose something to your style and budget. If you are buying online, most of these are available on Cash on Delivery.

Watch Review Titan Watches For Men

Watch Review Titan Watches For MenRegalia:Ornately crafted cases, patterned dials with special applique flowing into intricately designed bracelets with both gold and bi-metal finishes, makes this a unique collection. With the right blend of exclusivity and class – the Regalia range embodies the essence of dress-wear. Price Range: 3000 – 15000 INR
Obaku: Zen by Nature – Be it the scent of a flower, a secret joke or a walk in the rain, it is Watch Review Titan Watches For Menthe smallest of things that give the greatest of pleasures. The philosophy of simplicity combined with effortless beauty is what Titan Obaku stands for.Price Range: 4500 – 9000 INR
 Watch Review Titan Watches For MenPurple:It’s a Bold, Brazen, Swarovski studded range of style signatures for the modern trend bender.Price Range: 3000 – 9000 INR
Watch Review Titan Watches For MenHTSE : An alchemy of technology and design, these watches are recharged with light as feeble as the flicker of a candle or the glow from your mobile phone screen.Price Range: 7000 – 13000 INR
Watch Review Titan Watches For MenNebula: A collection of watches crafted from solid gold, Nebula is a delicate blend of the finest craftsmanship in jewellery making and the latest in watch technology.Price Range: 50000 – Above

Not available for Sale online
Tycoon:A collection of  gold-silver exterior which shines in the darkest hour. The designs have the grandeur of the calm. Let each Tycoon say its piece.Price Range: 3000 – 15000 INRWatch Review Titan Watches For Men
Watch Review Titan Watches For MenTitan Automatic:The intricate mechanism of a Titan Automatic recognizes your slightest turn of wrist to power its precision movements. Mechanized craftsmanship with a range of functions that keep time on your side make you and your Titan Automatic inseparable from world-class timekeeping.Price Range: 11000 – 21000 INR
Orion:Titan salutes the original spirit of exploration in a modern world through Orion, a collection of precision watches inspired by the last unexplored frontier, and the stars that guide the way.Price Range: 3000 – 10000 INRWatch Review Titan Watches For Men
Watch Review Titan Watches For MenOctane: Sporty, stylish and bristling with features Octane is more than just time ticking on adrenaline. Its your pulse refusing to slow down.Price Range: 2500 – 6500 INR
Edge: 1.15 mm, the slimmest watch in the world.Price Range: 6000 – 18000 INRWatch Review: Titan Watches For Men
Watch Review : Titan Watches For MenTagged:Tagged is the latest addition to the list with a range of trendy watches with colorful dials and sporty straps.Price Range: 2000 – 5000 INR

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