Tracking Order Placed Online

Tracking Order Placed Online

So you have placed the order and desperately waiting for the for the item to arrive. However, it does not arrive in time. What should you do now? Follow these guidelines for tracking order placed online and you can easily get latest status of your order.

Once you have ordered,usually couple of notifications follow.

1. You get a text message(SMS) on your registered mobile number notifying that the order as been received by the vendor whose website you place the order in.
2. You receive an e-mail on your registered mail id notifying that the order has been received.

Both these messages come within few hours of placing the order.

If after placing an order you did not receive either, you need to check what happened. More importantly, if you have got the notifications but the item did not reach you in time, you need to follow up.Given below are links to some of the leading websites for tracking order.

For most of the cases, your query should be resolved by Step 1 which is checking order status through one of the links named Order Tracking. If that is not the case, please click the Help section – step 2 for additional information. If you still not successful getting the latest status, do not hesitate to call the vendor. Contact information is available on clicking the Contact link in Step 3.

Please find precautions to be taken and points to be considered in our article 10 Points to Consider Before You Order Online.

You might also find it useful to go through Things to Remember After You Have Ordered Online for information on delivery times, courier service,delivery on weekends/holidays.

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