Why buy through SmartBuy?

When I told my close friends about our new book venture, there was one common question.Why buy through SmartBuy when one can purchase directly from more established online retailers? Good question; we are glad it came early! After all that’s what friends are for!

We just started so I would not want to sound boisterous; however there are few aspects that we carefully crafted in the venture we want your attention to:

1. We keep our operating cost at minimum and as a result can pass on part of the profit back.

2. We have a responsibility towards society. And we stand by our commitment to help the needy when you transact with us.

3. Our reviews are unbiased and impartial and this help our readers make smarter choice.

4. We can take special care of your order – we can track them, resolve issues if any, in delivery or otherwise.

5. If you are not comfortable making purchase over internet/phone no worries; we can help you at each step till you receive the book.

We firmly believe that our relationship is long term and not limited to a transaction. No wonder word of mouth is our most important marketing channel!

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