Why do I buy books online?

Buy Books Online: As we spoke to people on our book venture one question popped up again and again. Why should I buy books online? What are the pros and cons? Are their situations where buying the traditional way is a better idea?

Buy Books Online

If I look back at how I purchased books twenty years back, I must admit I had no technology support in the purchase process. Right from selection of bookshop to the book and the eventual purchase comprised of reading book reviews in the newspaper, talking to readers in my community, making calls to the bookshop, making one or more visits to the shop and finally purchasing the book. Typical time spent per purchase was 3-4 hours over 1-2 weeks. Distance traveled on a average was 10-20 miles. (No I did not go to the furthest shop but it is an aggregate of all distances I covered – multiple visits to the library, friend’s place, and book shop).I liked the ambiance of the bookshop, it had a cafe inside and I could spend hours sipping coffee and going through my selection process. I loved the book reading sessions the shop arranged.

But that was then; I was still studying and had plenty of time in hand. Today I am very busy with family, work and community. However my love for books continues; I love to explore new releases, I want authentic recommendations help my selection process. I want to buy books but do not have the time visit the bookshop.

Here the online bookstore comes real handy.
1. I can browse through millions of books from internet
2. I can read reviews from readers to make a decision about the book
3. I can compare prices across online stores and then order from the cheapest
4. Online stores mostly offer cheaper prices
5. I do not need to spend time/energy/money going to the shop
6. When I order online I save the environment (no/less co2 emission from transport)

However, there are some situations where the traditional way of purchasing by visiting a shop works better:
1. I need the book today and now (online stores will have delivery period)
2. I want to get a feel of the book before buying
3. I want the book autographed by the author who is in town
4. I live or work next door so do not mind walking up to the shop
However even in these cases I use internet to get purchase recommendations. They are useful and mostly come free!

Do you Buy Books Online? What are your experiences about Buy Books Online?
Please leave a comment below.
Happy reading!

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